Our Bluesstory in short

It all started in 2013. To be more precise, it all started in the Royal Leo Hall in Maintal (that’s near Frankfurt). That’s where we spent a few months rehearsing, and eventually played our first gig. That was a great experience and we haven’t stopped since. Our gigs are lively and fun and loud. Our sets are uptempo 95% of the time. Basically, we only play slow songs when we need to catch our breath, in between all the rocking.

We play a mixture of some well-known blues songs and some obscure ones. Our music is heavily influenced by…well, as long as it rocks, swings or makes people want to move – we’ll play it. You see, we’re not an average Blues cover band. We’re the Downtown Bluesgang and we play the Blues – Bluesgang style


The gang






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